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Santa Fe: (505) 395-0999
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Become A Business Coach & Earn Helping Others Succeed

Client Service Business (CSB) Coaches earn up to $32/hr. We book your appointments, providing your training and coaching resources. You help people!

STAR Team Agency™ is a family-owned business with a spirit of positivism, teamwork and ambition. We are accredited with the Better Business Bureau and dedicated to providing top-notch services to our clients. STAR Team specializes in business coaching, training, and consulting for tomorrow's business owners and author entrepreneurs. STAR works with goal getters, providing earn and learn opportunities.

About Us

STAR Team Agency™  was founded in 2017 by former instructor Dr. Tricia Alampi a PhD, who is most commonly known as “Dr. T”. Dr. T serves as the CEO of Stressless Ebiz LLC, STAR Team Agency along with her husband Marc Alampi the CFO. STAR has provided a myriad of services including: public relations, publicity, advertising, marketing and client management services, support to authors, celebrities, sales organizations, Fortune 100 and 500 companies. STAR has a network of dedicated professionals serving as coaches, consultants, trainers and administrative support professionals. Today we help people start a business and share their story by becoming an author, through educational programs and systems. 

Our Vision and Values Are In Our Name S.T.A.R.


" I have been involved with STAR Team Agency for almost a year now. Their focus is on your success! While that may sound cliche, it is quite true. They have created numerous tools & resources for training & coaching that help walk you through step-by-step to achieving your goals! They are passionate about their work, & it shows through their dedication to seeing each & everyone of their clients succeed. I would recommend STAR Team Agency to anyone who's in the market for starting their own business, or a work-from-home job, or an author whom may need help writing their book, and much more! Thank you STAR Team Agency for all your hard work & dedication!"
Jennifer V.
Executive CSB Administration Assistant
"I love Star Team Agency, They prove themselves to be on another level. They make you feel apart of a team, and push you positively so that you grow, and accomplish more. The owners of this company, Dr. Tricia and Marc Alampi genuinely want to see you succeed. They want to see you win, and that is Rare. Being with them has made my Future clearer. I feel like I'm finally on track of making my dreams a reality, and putting me and my daughter in a place where we can be Financially Stable. Pure Awesomeness. Great Life Changing Opportunity!!!"
LaTunya D.
Client Service Business Professional

Our Departments

STAR Academy prepares future service business owners and author entrepreneurs. The Academy’s Client Service Business  program trains client service professionals helping them secure contracts with medium to large corporations. STAR Academy helps these professionals move on to form their own companies in as little as 6 months. We have coaches to help you succeed and grow!

STAR Finance provides the financial guidance  for new service business owners as well as marketing budget planning for authors. The Finance team provides consultation in bookkeeping and accounting, expense tracking, cash flow management, building business credit and secure funds for business. Funds may include investors, grants and loans. Additionally, STAR Finance provides direct to lender programs allowing our trainees the opportunity to secure startup funding.

Become A Business Coach

Get Paid to Help Others Achieve Success and Start A Business!

A message from our

 I created Stressless Ebiz LLC in 2017, which is known today as STAR Team Agency™ . I started the company to provide consultation and coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs. Over the years, STAR Team Agency has provided a myriad of services including marketing, public relations, consultation, client relationship management and communication services. Our clients have included mom and pops, tech startups, celebrities, event coordinators, authors, speakers and Fortune 500 companies.

My vision for the company is simple. I want to give people the knowledge and guidance to become successful entrepreneurs. STAR will give people power! Power to control their financial destiny through entrepreneurship. Power to communicate their own narrative in life. STAR is here to empower others especially those who are from under-served communities. 

Tricia "Dr. T" Alampi

Dr. T.
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”
Michael Jordan

Earn and Learn! STAR will Help You Start A Business.

We are a one-of-a-kind business giving your the tools, guidance and resources to become your own independent business owner. These are the basics of what we do to help our team go from working 


Training and Coaching


Earning and Learning


Launch Your Business


Most frequent questions and answers

We have corporate headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico and we also have a location in Chicago, IL. 

We provide consultation, coaching and training, through our STAR Academy department, for the Service Industry in the following areas: Customer Service, Mediation, Sales/Marketing and Technical Assistance. We help people start working with big brands to learn the business and then help them transition into starting their own business. Due to COVID-19 most business internships are now remote. In addition, we offer a training for those interested in writing or sharing their story; our training provides future authors the blueprint to becoming a successful author entrepreneur. 

We were founded in 2017 and started out by providing one on one consultation to small business owners. 

We have worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, celebrities, mom and pops, tech startups and event planners. STAR has been on various projects including marketing several events for 2020 NBA All Star Weekend and booking celebrity talent. Additionally, in partnership with our network of PR professionals, we’ve helped several self-published authors become international and national bestsellers. 

We provide coaching, consultation and training to develop people to become their own independent business owners in the Service industry. We have a learn and earn model that allows individuals to begin earning as they are learning the basics of the Service industry. We help people in transition from one career to another or those who are looking to get started in a business but do not know how or what to do. We also offer consultation in marketing and promotion of those who dream to become a bestselling author. Here are some examples of the particular services, including our training through STAR Academy, in which we offer our clientele: 

  • Client Service Business 101: Trainees get an introduction to the Client Service Business learning about client expectations, performance 
  • Money Basics: Trainees learn how to manage their day-to-day expenses and money matters for business. 
  • Business Credit Building: Trainees learn to build positive business credit without a personal guarantee, through proven strategies.
  • Client Project Management: Learning how to provide service to a client to meet basic performance requirments. 

Share your Story

'A' in STAR is for Aim to inspire, motivate and uplift others. We believe in compassion for others and sharing our stories to help others practice mindfulness, self-care and overcome struggles.

Play Video

Watch CEO, Tricia “Dr. T” Alampi on The Mel Robbins Show, “Moving on After Miscarriage”. With the support of her husband and CFO of STAR, Marc Alampi, she talks openly about her personal journey through loss, to uplift and support others. Get inspiration and help sharing your story as an author entrepreneur!  We plan to expand our services and take on more author and media projects in 2021. Stay tuned!

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