Star Team Agency BBB Business Review

4 Years in Business to work

A+ BBB Accredited training, coaching and job placement. We specialize in remote work, with 99% of our clients starting careers at home. 2020 changed us! It’s time to step into the future. Roles available in Management, Sales, Roadside Assistance, Dispatch and Support for Insurance Companies and Car Manufacturers.


4 years in business to work

A+ BBB Accredited training, coaching and job placement. We specialize in remote work, with 99% of our clients starting careers at home. 2020 changed us! It’s time to step into the future. Roles available in Management, Sales, Roadside Assistance, Dispatch and Support for Insurance Companies and Car Manufacturers.


About STAR

STAR Team Agency™  was founded in 2017 by former instructor Dr. Tricia Alampi a Ph.D., who is most commonly known as “Dr. T”. Dr. T serves as the CEO of Stressless Ebiz LLC, STAR Team Agency along with her husband Marc Alampi the CFO. STAR has provided a myriad of services including: public relations, publicity, advertising, marketing and client management services, support to authors, celebrities, sales organizations, Fortune 100 and 500 companies. STAR has a network of dedicated professionals serving as coaches, consultants, trainers and administrative support professionals. Today we provide training, job placement and business coaching in Emergency Roadside Services (ERS) and Insurance Support. At STAR, job seekers will be trained to provide remote ERS including, tow dispatch and accident recovery. For those who are entrepreneurial-minded we offer coaching to start a business and build an ERS or customer service team. 

Star Team Agency BBB Business Review

Our Vision and Values Are In Our Name S.T.A.R.

STAR is an "Open Company" on Glassdoor! We are recognized for our transparency, engagement and our dedication of going above and beyond to help our team be successful.

We provide job placement for top Companies!

Training & Career Services

Work-From-Home Earn $12-$17 Per Hour (US)
No Experience Needed. We Will Train You.

Make a difference

Emergency Roadside services (Ers)

Get a job providing emergency roadside assistance, tow or fuel service dispatch and accident recovery services.

Insurance Live Transfers

Help people during the Health Insurance Marketplace extension to August 15, 2021. Help others get the free or low-cost healthcare solutions.


Assist people that have been impacted by job loss by connecting them to job opportunities, grants, housing and disability assistance.


Coming soon to STAR Team Agency. Help international students improve their English Language proficiency for important university placement exams.

We bring real remote opportunties to underserved communities

Our group of mentors and support staff strive to help everyone find a work-at-home job opportunity, to provide a better future for themselves and their family. STAR is committed to social responsibility and opportunities for all. No degree, and experience needed! We look for determined people who want to succeed.

Communities Impacted by the Opioid Crisis

We work to provide training and job placement for those directly impacted by the Opioid Crisis.

Dislocated Workers and COVID-19 Impacted by Unemployment

We help dislocated workers and those laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, get back on their feet. STAR provides training and career services including job placement.

People With Disabilities & Immunocompromised

We provide remote opportunities for skilled individuals with disabilities and immunocompromised.

Parolees and Inmate Call Center Training

We believe in second chances. We strive to provide work opportunities to parolees and training resources for inmates, who will enter the workforce upon release.

A Family-Owned Business

Welcome to the family! When you work at STAR you are working “with” us and not “for” us. 

STAR Team Agency is run by the husband and wife team,
Tricia “Dr. T” and Marc AlampiOur family believes in strong work ethics, accountability, and determination. Dr. T and Marc are hands-on and heavily involved with STAR Team Agency. They are very dedicated to helping our team succeed.

STAR Leaders

STAR Leaders

Tricia "Dr. T" Alampi, Ph.D.
CEO & Founder
Director of Training and Business Development

Dr. Tricia Alampi, most commonly known as Dr. T., is a Ph.D., is a former college instructor, motivational speaker, ordained minister and founder of STAR Team Agency. She is the visionary force behind the STAR brand, values, social initiatives and core services. Dr. T works to create strategic partnerships with corporations and non-profit organizations. Dr. T helps to build and provide innovative online vocational and business training programs that focus on developing tomorrow's remote workforce and business leaders. Utilizing new technology, Dr. T's training programs serve to help people in underserved communities learn valuable skills to be competitive in the future.

Always believe in yourself. If you are serious about reaching your goals you must eliminate toxic connections this year. You don't need those people who take your energy and provide nothing in return. Let go of the doubters and leave the dream-killers in 2020. You don't need people around who don't nurture you or encourage your growth. There is always room to learn, so don't be a "know-it-all" - leave your ego at the door. Remember this, in the beginner's mind there are endless opportunities, but in the expert's mind there are few. Begin to approach this life as if you were a beginner, with an open heart and without judgement. You will begin to see all the amazing things you can achieve! When reaching for your dreams, you will lose friends, you will work late nights and you will encounter some obstacles. Manifesting your visions won't be easy, but I promise you it will be worth it. Let yourself grow and know that you're never alone. You were made to receive the blessings in store for you.

Dr. Tricia Alampi (Dr. T) | CEO & Founder Tweet

Marc Alampi
Director of Enrollment & Team Manager

Marc is a former sales executive who has 20+ years of leadership development and team-building. Marc is in charge of enrolling new trainees into our various training programs through many of our partners and non-profit organizations. Marc determines the eligibility for training stipends and incentives for our trainees. Additionally, he is the leader of our insurance, debt consolidation and unemployment support clients' team. Marc helps develop new leaders and brings the best out of everyone.

Jennifer Vandermark
Executive Administration Assistant

Jennifer is the glue that keeps the team together! She manages and tracks the progress of our clients within our system. Jennifer maintains the training reports, client qualification process, invoicing and all other necessary areas to provide support to our clients as they seek employment, contracts and or start a business with our partners.

Carrie Kopca
Mentor and Trainer

Carrie is our orientation trainer and she is responsible for introducing our CSRs to our readiness training programs. Carrie helps prepare our members for working as independent contractors. She is really dedicated to leading and helping others succeed.

Yuri Chavez
Recruiting Director

Yuri is the director of our recruiting team and organizes and maintains the admissions process into our training and job placement programs. Yuri has serviced many clients throughout the years and brings her expertise to properly screen prospects and welcome them into our platform and community.

Ryan Talley
Mentor Support and Verification

Ryan has experience as a substitute teacher and video production specialist. He currently works on our backend and verification team to ensure that each of our clients secure a contract with a company to work-from-home and that they understand the process.

Tiffany McKoy
Recruiting Support Specialist

Tiffany is our Recruiting Support Specialist she helps discover our brightest stars for our programs. Tiffany has call center experience and knows what it takes to be successful. She always brings her positive energy and skills to the table to discover the best talent for our team.

Virtual Service Agents

In Loving Memory of Dori

July 2, 2014 to April 17, 2021

"Dori, our fur baby, made her transition at home with all her family surrounding her. She had a long battle with a brain tumor and can finally find peace again. Dori was a sweet and loving dog that everyone loved. She always smiled and cheered others up. Dori taught me what it means to truly love unconditionally and she made me a better person. She laid next to me every day as I worked building STAR Team Agency to where it is today; we jokingly called her STAR's "silent partner". Her love and support kept me going through challenging times. We will never forget her. Our lives have been forever changed from her love. Always cherish your loved ones each and every day and tell people you love them, while they are still here. Life is about loving and giving to others. Dori’s legacy will forever leave it’s mark and help to continue serving our communities selflessly. We love you forever and always."

- Tricia "Dr. T" Alampi | CEO and Founder


Most frequent questions and answers

We have corporate headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our team works remotely. However, our training and job placement services are for select cities in New Mexico, New Jersey and Illinois. 

We provide training services specializing in CSR programs for select states and cities. We work to get people placed in jobs with our large corporation partners. Our job placement rate is 96%. We help people get into remote work only! We are a great resource to help you find legitimate work at home jobs or businesses that have a guaranteed hourly or base pay. 

We were founded in 2017 and started out by providing one on one consultation to small business owners. 

We provide Client Service Representative (CSR) training programs for large corporations, Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Due to COVID-19 many companies are moving to hire remote workers. STAR trains, specifically, for work from home or remote CSR roles. 

Additionally we offer a select group of entreprenuerial minded professionals Client Service Business (CSB) training programs which help others build remote businesses in Client Service. For more information about our programs please visit our current training catalog here 

First we want to encourage you to do your research. We are NOT about scams here! We are a growing family-owned company founded in 2017. We’ve gone through rigorous, detailed screening and accrediting processes. We have earned an A+ Better Business Bureau accredidation you can visit our BBB profile here. According to the BBB,  If a business has been accredited by the BBB, it means BBB has determined that the business meets accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. Also we were awarded the badge “OpenCompany” on glassdoor because of our dedication to transparency and treatment to our prospective trainees, employees and contractors as well as current staff you can research that here. Last, we’ve maintained all standards of service and 4+ STAR rating on Glassdoor, 5.0 STAR rating on Facebook and we were featured in the media as an innovative startup here. We work with large and reputable companies too. When you work with STAR Team you will see why we have high ratings! We are a family that cares and if you are willing to work, we are willing to help you achieve your goals.

STAR Team Agency has provided a myriad of services in the past, including marketing, management, consulting and of course training. We have an extensive resume and that is why we are where we are today! STAR Team Agency provided marketing, booking, support services and consulting for NBA All-Star weekend 2020. STAR has worked with various celebrities in PR, marketing, support and assisting services. We also established great relationships with large corporations due to our ability to find the perfect candidates and talents for various jobs, especially for our clients. STAR also partnered on book promotional projects. COVID-19 pushed us in a different direction. Due to the massive lay-offs due to COVID-19, we found the need to take our expertise, experience and help educate, employ and train others – to help others not only get on their feet but reach for the STARS! 

STAR Team Agency will train you and help you get a job in Emergency Roadside Services (ERS)in which you will answer calls for Insurance company and car manufacturer customers. You will help people who have been in an accident or those who need roadside services like vehicle towing and fuel services. 

You can apply online CLICK HERE.

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