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STAR Team Agency was founded in 2017 by former instructor Dr. Tricia Alampi a PhD from Chicago. Our company has provided PR, publicity, marketing and client management services to authors, celebrities, Fortune 100 and 500 companies. We have always passionately served our clients from multiple niche markets!  Today we help people start a business and share their story becoming an author, through educational programs and systems. 

STAR Team Agency

We've shifted Our Focus
to Make a Positive Impact in the lives of others

Our Vision & Values

  • Social responsibility is our duty. Therefore our team strives to continuously expand our organization's efforts, to improve the lives of others around the world.
  • Teamwork is the key to success. We believe in working together by using our skills to collectively reach goals. There is no 'I' in team.
  • Aim to inspire, motivate and uplift others. Our intent is to help real people share their stories in order to improve the mindset and lifestyle of others.
  • Respect for yourself, the process, your team and others. We stress leaving your ego at the door. We ALL should have trust, patience and treat the people around us with care; no one is above anyone else.

Tricia "Dr. T" Alampi

Founder and CEO

 I created Stressless Ebiz LLC in 2017, which is known today as STAR Team Agency. I started the company to provide consultation and coaching to aspiring entrepreneurs. Over the years, STAR Team Agency has provided a myriad of services including marketing, public relations, consultation, client relationship management and communication services. Our client list has included mom and pops, tech startups, celebrities, event coordinators, authors, speakers and Fortune 500 companies.

My vision for the company is simple. I want to give people the knowledge and guidance to become successful entrepreneurs. STAR will give people power! Power to control their financial destiny through entrepreneurship. Power to communicate their own narrative in life. STAR is here to empower others especially those who are from under-served communities. 

Dr. T.
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