A Chance to

STAR Team Agency provides job placement, career services, financial resources and support to underserved communities. We believe everyone should be given a chance to reach their full potential in life. 

Communities Impacted by the Opioid Crisis

We work to provide training and job placement for those directly impacted by the Opioid Crisis in the state of New Jersey.

Dislocated Workers and COVID-19 Impacted

We help dislocated workers and those laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, get back on their feet. STAR provides training and career services including job placement.

Jobs for Parolees and Inmate Training

We believe in second chances. We strive to provide work opportunities to parolees and training resources for inmates, who will enter the workforce upon release.

Are you or someone you know impacted and looking for work? You can apply online and someone will get in contact with you.

Some of the companies THat Our STARS WORK WITH

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