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Emergency Roadside Services (ERS)

STAR Academy is powered by STAR Team Agency and provides Customer Service Representative (CSR) readiness training for Emergency Roadside Services. This training is specifically for inbound and outbound calls for customers who are experiencing issues while traveling on the road. All training comes with job placement and career services. 

STAR is an "Open Company" on Glassdoor! We are recognized for our transparency, engagement and our dedication of going above and beyond to help our team be successful.

CSR Readiness Training for Emergency Roadside Services (ERS)

Introducing a virtual training that prepares professionals and tomorrow's business owners.

STAR Customer Service Representative’s Full Training is a total of 10 hours.  We specialize in remote client service work. STAR offers readiness training, job placement and optional business startup coaching services. Additionally, we offer our CSRs ongoing support and management services.  All of our trainings come with job placement services and we have a 96% job placement rate for those who complete our full training. You will work with car manufacturers and insurance companies. 


CSR 101: Introduction to star Team agency and the servicing platform

3.5 Hours (Remote)
This orientation is by invitation only. You will need to interview and meet requirements. This training gives you an introduction of what to expect. You will get registered for the servicing platform you will use to get on-the-job training and take or make calls for ERS.

CSR 103: Soft-skills training

3 Hours (Prerequisite CSR 102)
This pre-certification training is designed to help CSRs develop the skills and knowledge of systems, processes, customer service skills and call flow.

CSR 102: Job readiness assessments and Emergency Roadside assistance training

5 Hours (Prerequisite CSR 101)
You get training to complete and pass your mock calls as well as get an overview of your job requirements. During this training you will practice using scripts and prepare for your probation period when taking calls.

CSB 104: Launching your Virtual call center

20 hours (Prerequisite CSR 103 + Experience)
This course is for experienced CSRs with a minimum of 6 months of providing service and maintaining metrics. This class will help CSRs transition to become call center owners

Start your own small call center

We provide the only small call center startup coaching also known as the Client Service Business (CSB) program. Our seasoned professionals and business owners will provide you with all the necessary tools and resources to start and run a successful small contact or call center. Our training services are providing at no cost due to grants and other financial assistance available. 

Our program includes:

  • Partner Platform Training
  • Business Plan and Strategy
  • Rules and Regulations for Platform Use 
  • Successful Platform Strategies for Growth 
  • Incorporation Steps and Advice
  • Call Center Recruitment Training 
  • Online Advertising
  • Brand Development 
  • And More! 

Step into the future #WIN

Post COVID 19 many companies are expected to change to a remote or work from home model. Be ahead of the curve and learn how to position yourself for the future!

100% free of charge

With Financial Aid most of our trainings, support, coaching and other services are covered through our partnerships. Our services are at no risk to you, so dive in.

Job placement

Our classes come with job placement services. We have made great partners and we know how to get you working in a remote position. With a 96% job placement rate. We won't stop unless YOU stop!

A Strong professional network That cares

Become a member of a positive network of people who want to see you win. We celebrate your success, big or small! We provide job references and resources to our trainees.

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