How do I get help with Registration?

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Registrants can log into their Partner Platform profile here with the username and password they created. Click Online Help in the upper right hand corner. Enter your questions to let AVA, the Partner Platform Virtual Agent, try to answer the question. After a few tries, if she doesn’t provide the answer, she’ll connect you with a live chat agent. Our usual business hours are Monday-Friday, 10AM-6PM Eastern Time.

Informational Sessions: Once weekly general informational sessions offered to all registrants in the process. This is an informational presentation regarding the process with an open question and answer session. Information sessions are promoted through email and on Facebook. You may also attend weekly ‘Virtual Office Hours’ a more informal style meeting where you can ask direct questions in an open forum.

LIMITED Email Support Available:  The Partner Platform Registration Department will ONLY respond to emails if  you have previously registered to use the Partner Platfrom and would like to reactivate your profile. When you have an existing, but inactive profile, you will be unable to login to the portal.  This is the only instance during which email support is available.  If you email and the issue is not related to an inability to login to the registration dashboard or portal, then please do not expect a response.  Instead, see instructions above for contacting Live Online Chat Support.

US Email:

Canada Email:

Last you can reach out to your OA who will also be able to answer most questions Monday-Friday 9:00- 5:00 PM or you can set in an appointment with your OA if you are still having trouble.

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