How to register for DUO

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Follow the steps below to register for Duo:

Download the Duo Mobile App on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play
Scan the barcode with the app’s built in barcode scanner. This will show on your computer screen after clicking “I have Duo Mobile installed”. Follow the platform specific instructions for your device.
The “Continue” button is clickable after you have scanned the barcode successfully

Please click the link in the email. This will take you to a Welcome Screen
Click start setup
Choose your Device type from the Subsequent Menu and click Continue.
Note: Mobile phone is the preferred method of enrollment. Also, please do not use your Servicing phone number to enroll.
Enter your Phone Number and check the radio box to indicate it is the correct number.
Choose your Phone’s OS or Platform and click continue.
Follow the platform-specific instructions on the screen to install Duo Mobile. After installing our app return to the enrollment window and click “I have Duo Mobile installed”

If you have trouble registering please go to AVA on Arise.


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