I don’t have cash right now but I need Equipment.

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Good news is we have a new Flexshopper partner program to help you get your home office setup. While this program is not for everyone, it is a great idea for those who are currently cash-strapped and in need of computer, phones etc. Please note that credit is checked for this program but the partner does except bad credit and no credit (terms and conditions apply).

Most agents are approved for $1500-$2500. You can lease to own equipment with no interest if you pay in full within the first 90 days of your contract.


  • At least $1,000 in verifiable income monthly
  • Checking account open for at least 6 months
  • Approval is based the terms and conditions

* We cannot guarantee approvals or program terms*

Payment Overview:

  • As low as $9 per week
  • Automatically deducted from your checking account


Affiliate/Partner Disclaimer: STAR Team Agency may earn a commission for the endorsement, recommendation and or link to said products or services. There will be no additional cost to you.

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