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Here is a quick tip to get to a live person.

  • Try to first type your question as if you are talking to a live person.
  • You will see this. “I’m sorry can you rephrase your question.’
  • Copy your original message and paste it.
  • It will say the above message again and ask you to rephrase (you don’t have to do this).
  • Last, copy it for the third time.
  • AVA will then prompt you to transfer to registration, partner support, enrollment or technical support.
  • Choose which department you want.
  • Remember that the live chat is available from 8:00 AM – 12:00 AM EST

Here is what each department is for:

Technical Support 

  • Power outing
  • Unable to get into DUO VPN, Salesforce etc.
  • Error messages

Partner Support 

  • Client specific questions
  • Checking on an incident ticket for enrollment
  • SOW questions
  • Starmatic hour questions


  • Follow-up on language assessments
  • Status Background check
  • Change class times


  • Issues with tech check or PC scan
  • Duplicate accounts
  • Switching IBOs




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