Managing Your Time as a Client Service Business Owner

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You determine your work schedule and the work schedules of your Client Support Professionals. In other words, you schedule yourself and your CSPs on the days and on the hours that work best for you. Even better, you schedule yourself in 30 minute intervals. Operating your own business and contracting with partner platforms allows you to develop a schedule that will permit time for yourself as well as meeting the needs of the Client programs that your company services. You independently prioritize how you spend your time by setting your schedule to achieve the optimum work-life balance. It is important to stress that under a business-to-business relationship with our partner platform, you and your staff choose the days and intervals to provide service. Our partner platform does not assign work schedules or manage you or your staff. You can take vacation when you want! We only ask that you have adequate coverage for the servicing schedules you and your Client Support Professionals have selected.

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