What are the PC requirements for the Servicing Platform?

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What is the PC Check and how do I run it?
The PC Check is designed to help you determine if your computer meets some of the minimum requirements to connect through the Arise Platform.

1. Click “RUN” at the bottom of this page

2. Depending on your particular system, you will see up to two confirmation dialogs, please click “Yes” or “Run” depending on the prompt.

3. Wait for the check to run

4. You will see the results listed in the screen as well as the overall grade.

NOTE: If you are using Internet Explorer 8, the PC Scan might encounter errors or freeze while running. If so, please try using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or update to the latest IE browser and try again.

What if my computer fails any of the tests?

  • CPU speed test: Unfortunately, this is not something that can be fixed. Your best option is to use another computer.
  • RAM test: Increasing RAM is an easy and very common computer upgrade. Please work with a trained technician or if you feel comfortable performing this yourself, ensure you use the correct RAM upgrade recommended for computer model.
  • Operating System test: The Servicing Platform does not accept Windows Vista or XP. You will need to upgrade to Windows 10.

Is there a support specialist available to check my computer?
Unfortunately the Servicing Platform will not be able to assist you in determining if your computer adheres to the system and equipment policy for use of the Servicing Platform. You will need to run the PC Scan and review the complete system and equipment policy.

This test will check for the following elements on your computer:

Specification Name Requirement
Available Disk Space Minimum 20GB free drive space
CPU 2.8 GHz dual core or better, Allow: Intel i class or AMD Phenom X2 class or better, No Atom, Celeron, Pentium, Opteron processors
Hard Drive Capacity Minimum 60 GB total drive space
Internet Download Speed 10MB down speed minimum
Internet Upload Speed 3MB up speed minimum
Network Latency Max 120 MS latency max
OS Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10
RAM 4GB minimum
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