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Attention CSBs

Get Financing for Home office equipment and cash in your pocket!

This is not traditional lending. We help people that would otherwise be turned away from the banks. We service communities in need of funding fast. Our lenders have a 97% approval rate. Our programs help people like you get low interest rate loans and the financial advise you need! Are you a CSB in need o equipment? No worries you may qualify for our START program and get up to $5,000 in cash to setup your home office. 

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Frequently asked questions

No we are not affiliated with the SBA or any other government agency. We do however, offer alternative loans for those waiting for their SBA relief cash, ineligible for funding from the SBA (at the state level), those who didn’t receive enough funding or are unable to otherwise secure funding for some other reason. 

Our private lenders and partners process loans from $1,000 to $50,000 depending on your need. We recommend scheduling a free no obligation consultation with a financial adviser for more details. 

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Interest rates do vary depending on several factors. Generally speaking, we have helped businesses get as low as 5.9% To get the best answer you should book a free no obligation consultation with an adviser. 

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First, we understand that you are skeptical and you should be there are a lot of scams out there. We are a small family owned company and we don’t spend a lot of money in advertising as most of our business is generated by word of mouth – due to our success rates and service. Next, we don’t do SCAMS! We don’t ask for any upfront costs to fund your loan, never will anyone ask you for your personal information, everything is done on secure platforms under your direction. Last, we partner with A+ BBB accredited partners and lenders. All of our lenders and partners have been properly vetted prior to our partnership. 

Yes you may qualify for one of our lenders with as low as a 500 credit score. We cannot guarantee you will get funding as there are some other factors that determine your eligibility such as: credit history, income and revenue. We recommend that you schedule a free no obligation consultation where your adviser will help you see exactly what you qualify for. Additionally, we have programs to help people rebuild there credit in order to receive funding. 

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To get a pre-approval including the loan amounts that you are eligble for will not hurt your credit as it is a “soft-pull” or soft inquiry. Once you get a pre-approval you will move on to an application with the lender in which would be a hard-pull or hard inquiry. Generally speaking your score may drop 3-4 points during this time. Your financial adviser =can show you ways to increase your score after funding your loan as well. 

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A business bank account is not a requirement for our lenders. Additionally we can lend to startups and sole proprietors including those who are self-employed. 

Book your free consultation for more information.  

Our lenders have both secured and unsecured loans. 

We have three departments: PR Marketing solutions mostly for authors, Training/Education and Finance for business. Through Finance specifically we have several financial programs depending on your needs. 

Most lenders can get you funds within one week and in as little as 3 days in some cases. BUT this depends on you too. So the longer you take to complete each step the longer the process will take. Make sure you are providing your documents right away to not further delay this process. 

No. We can never ethically guarantee that. We can say that in many cases we have been able to help people with subprime credit (500-620) and limited credit history obtain loans. Remember, we are not lenders ourselves and we cannot provide underwriting details. 

We completely understand and you should be cautious. Your adviser can certainly assist you. We provide a secure way to access the application for you to apply on your own. You can do this while over the phone with your adviser if you wish. We want you to feel comfortable and we strive to keep ALL of our client’s confidential information safe and protected. 

Great question! We recommend reading our SCAM alert, below for clarifications OR the next steps if you feel you were contacted by a scammer. 

While it is not impossible it really depends on your business credit history and the lenders. Most lenders (at the moment) feel more comfortable with personal credit or personal guarantee. We recommend that you inquire with an adviser to go over possible solutions for you. 

Yes, you may be eligible for some funding or revolving credit under your business (LLC or S-Corp). If you have been discharged your options may be better depending on how long ago you received your discharge. However, it will take longer to grow lines of credit and you may pay higher interests for certain loans. We do have partners providing business credit building solutions in which you can get a minimum of $50,000 in revolving business credit without your personal credit. There is a fee for these programs which include training. You can make the decision to proceed with the program(s) if you choose. Last, some lenders may be able to offer you what is called hard money loans depending on your business. These loans have a higher interest and stringent repayment terms. We advise that you book an appointment with an adviser to discuss your options. 

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One of our Financial Specialists or Directors will reach out to you to discuss your funding options and strategy within 48 hours.

Marc A | Director of Finance and Business Growth

"We take pride in helping each and every one of our CSBs and clients find the best finance solutions for their needs. We provide honest and dedicated service."


DUE to the COVID-19 Crisis several scammers have setup shop to rip off hardworking people like you. What’s worse? They are posing as legit companies, lenders and agencies. Here are some tips to protect yourself AND report these activities. PLEASE NOTE: STAR Finance specialists will NEVER ask you for your personal information outright, we will NEVER ask for a payment upfront in order to render our services, we will NEVER ask for your credit card information over the phone; our policy is not to be pushy or demanding but helpful. ALL of our agents are based in the US, we do not hire overseas call centers. STAR Finance will NEVER ask you to perform a money transfer/ wire transfer or gift card in order to receive a loan. If any one does any of the above or similar acts, we ask that you report any and all suspicious activity to our team right away. STAR advisers are certified counselors to help you make the best financial decision for you.   When you book an appointment you will receive the name of the adviser via email his/her’s ID. We can easily identity the person who contacted you, if the call is legit. 

Legal Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with the SBA or any other government agency. We are not a lending company or ISO. We operate as a consultancy. We cannot offer tax advice. We do not divulge, sell or distribute your personal information. We do not ask you for personal information over the phone or ask for payments to be wire-transferred or transmitted over the phone; such as western union or gift cards. Such activity is prohibited and should not be associated with our company not independent contractors, staff and directors. We ask that you report any suspicious activity to our support team at 888-782-7135. We reserve the right to refuse service and we will report suspicious activities to the Federal Trade Commission.

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