Termination and rehire policy

Updated 9/24/2019 - For Servicing and Development Department, Team Sales Managers, Client Support Professionals and Recruiters.

General Termination Terms:

There are two ways to terminate your Statement of Work (SOW): voluntary and involuntary. Voluntary terminations include resignations, failure to return from leave, failure to report to work for three consecutive days without notifying the company, and completion of a contract. Involuntary terminations include end of contract by client and disciplinary action.

Enrollment Termination:

We are not solely responsible for the termination of agents who are enrolled in a course. The instructor for the client may terminate an agent who is not attending or participating in his or her class. We will do everything in our power to communicate with you or advocate for you if necessary. Clients require a 100% attendance rate.

Intolerable Behavior Clause – Immediate Termination:

Certain conduct is so repugnant to the policies of STAR Team Agency that it will lead to immediate discharge. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Reporting for work under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances.
  • Possession, use, sale or distribution of controlled substances.
  • Theft including cyber theft or hacking  
  • Engaging in harassing conduct online or offline.
  • Fabrication of business documents, including resumes and expense reports.
  • Excessive absenteeism or tardiness.
  • Insubordination.

Note that these are only guidelines and, depending on the circumstances, even a first offense may be punishable by termination.Your contract at STAR Team Agency is ‘at will,’ meaning that you or STAR Team Agency may terminate your employment at any time for any reason.The circumstances surrounding your termination, however, may affect your entitlement to payment for unused vacation time. Employees who resign voluntarily by providing at least two weeks’ written notice of resignation may, at STAR Team Agency’s discretion, be paid up to a maximum of four weeks of unused, accrued vacation.“Employees who are involuntarily terminated may be paid for services rendered prior to termination. Agents must maintain the following metrics and behaviors to remain in good standing with STAR Team Agency.

  • 93% Commitment Adherence
  • 1 STAR Minimum Rating
  • 100% Professionalism
  • Effective Communication with HM

HM’s are here to be the liaison, advocate and resource working between you and the client company. They will occasionally send you emails so please check those and confirm your receipt. Failing to effectively communicate with an HM can cause some issues that can be avoided.  Thank you for your cooperation!

Additionally agent agrees to meet the clients performance requirements as outlined in the SOW.

NOTE: The client may terminate your contract or suggest to terminate your contract without the intervention or decision of STAR Team Agency Managers, Directors or HR Staff. You MUST meet the client minimum metrics in order to continue servicing.

Termination Due to Performance:

Your performance not only impacts you, but it impacts our company and client’s customers. If our agents perform poorly we are unable to provide opportunities to others nor are we able to take on new clients. We are here to help you and we ask that you work with us too.

If an agent is having trouble meeting metrics we will do everything to communicate with the client, agent, instructors, QAPF and HM to help resolve the issue. You are your own boss so we cannot tell you that you must meet with your HM or complete the necessary corrections; it is up to you.  The following are the steps we take before termination due to performance:

STEP 1 Enhancement Suggestion: We will start by emailing you and suggesting an enhancement. We offer coaching and we will advocate for you (if possible) with the client. It is important not to take this personally and understand that we’re here to help you. After the Enhancement Suggestion is up to you to try to fix the problem. We will follow up with your progress. If necessary we’ll escalate to STEP 2.

STEP 2 Enhancement Necessary: If after around 1-2 weeks (depending on the client), we see that there has been little enhancement we will escalate the issue and STRONGLY suggest that you meet with your HM or QAPF.  Additionally sometimes the client will reach out to you with suggestions of actions to take. Again, it is important to note this is meant to help you not make you feel bad.

STEP 3 Termination of Contract: If agent is either unable to correct the issues after enhancement suggestions and warnings or if the agent fails to communicate with HM or client representatives (QAPF and Management). Either the client or STAR Team Agency will be forced to terminate your contract.

Rehire Policy:

We have a strict no rehire policy for those involuntarily terminated due to performance or agents who have been dropped from client opportunities for non-attendance. Agents dropped from a course due to performance are welcome to re-apply. Agents who voluntarily terminated their contract with at least a two weeks notice are welcome to re-apply. Agents who failed a drug screening may reapply after 30 days. Agents who failed a background check may not re-apply. ALL Applicants will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Enrollment Cool Off Period: 

Dropping a client course or being dropped from a client course negatively impacts our business and our ability to provide other agents with opportunities. This is why we must have a strict enrollment cool off period. This period is designed to help you take some time to decide which program(s) will work best for you, so that we can avoid this issue in the future. The terms for these period(s) are as follows: 

If you drop the course (after enrollment) for a client program you MUST wait 30 days before expressing interest in another opportunity on the Arise Platform. We reserve the right to either approve or disapprove your re-enrollment or enrollment in any other opportunity.   

If you are dropped from a course due to poor performance or attendance you must wait for 45 days before expressing interest in another opportunity on the Arise Platform. We reserve the right to either approve or disapprove your re-enrollment or enrollment in any other opportunity. 

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